anticipating customer needs, in the digital era

I know I promised to post only about remarkable CX but somehow it’s not happening and meanwhile other things (namely, life) are going on here.tesla

So this week it’s _the week_ of the much dreaded 10 years anniversary with the hubby, and I was browsing the internet looking for a gift in utter desperation, when suddenly I remembered reading an article months ago about a new app: Magic, aka the promise of a completely different, disruptive, mind-blowing customer experience. Desperation prompted me to sneak around their website and I was suddenly catapulted into a magic world, where a small minimal interaction such as a text, could trigger tons of events leading to a brand new tesla car delivered to your door. (for the hubby: no, I did not buy you a tesla car)

Is this what customers want? Or sometimes even having everything at the tip of your fingers is simply not enough?

Behavioural analysis models are tracking all our activity on the web and are able to predict our needs and wants with scaring accuracy, but sometimes a simple task as one that will just make your wishes come true, suddenly becomes a killer application, probably because it requires very minimal effort from the user.

So in the end I did not write to Magic (also because it’s a US-only service) but this helped me focus on the real meaning of customer care: to be able to serve and anticipate the needs and wants of the other so that they feel cared for and loved. Who wouldn’t want that?


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