Amazing things can happen…

…for those who dare!

Last year, while still busy with a full time job, a family and the pandemic, I embarked in an unknown and uncharted adventure: I decided to co-author a book with one of my favourite customers – and friend- Giuliano.

After 6 hectic months, I am proud to announce my new book “The Road to Azure Cost Governance” will be out on 18th Feb. Writing it has been an awesome experience. Sometimes when I read passages of it, I still think “I didn’t know I had this in me”, which I am told is part of the writing process.

If you are curious, willing to learn something new, or simply looking for some guidance on Azure Cost Governance and Optimization, this book might be for you!

The Road to Azure Cost Governance | Packt (

I had so much fun writing it…I hope you’ll have fun reading it as well 🙂