5 signs of a (very) wrong customer experience

Whenever we’re trying to get hold of a company, and regardless of the chosen channel, there are five things that define a bad experience:

1. no Consistency. I’d like very much that the same information I read on the website is the one published on the other channels, including the agents’ response. This is especially and sadly true for the public administration, where often the digital channels are not updated and the latest information is not right there, it is instead inherited from agent to agent like a bedtime story.

2. no Context. If I am browsing different channels and finally get to call the customer service, I’d at least expect them to know that I have tried other channels and possibly raise my request’s priority according to the time I am spending on the issue, not the time I am spending in the voice queue.

3. no Content. I passed the voice portal maze, the website and the app, finally got hold of a human being who doesn’t know a fit about me or my problem, or even the company I am supposedly calling, because he/she is probably working for another company in another country altogether.

4. no Care of my problem. once I gave up the self-service way and decided to interact with a human, it makes me cringe to find out how little interest the human I am contacting has towards helping me and solving my problem.

5.unsatisfied Customer. Sometimes the service is really good and the product rocks, but you still have a cranky customer that for no apparent reason will rant endlessly to and about your company.That’s just life!!



2 thoughts on “5 signs of a (very) wrong customer experience

  1. Point 2 might only be possible if you have browsed the various channels with an authenticated status into the company infrastructure and most of the time this is not the case. And even if this would be the case I wonder how many companies really have their CRM-Billing-ERP all seamlessy connected with the digital channels and CTI platforms. Seems almost a mission-impossible kind of thing.

    But do not worry…very soon with the explosion of the IoT, all the companies will know in advance if you are going to have a problem with your product even before you know you have one (owen, frig, washing machine, toys, cars, smartphone, PC, etc). Then the risk will be that SkyNet will take control and the humanity will be over. And we will then all blame you and the other annyoing complaining customers that could have read the dammned instruction manual before trying to reach the customer care where you have a bunch of 34 years old PhD frustrated persons getting paid less then a McDonald waiter and not even getting tips 😉

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  2. Mr.D. says:

    in just 3 words you could explain how the industry considers about you and tries to solve your issue at all:

    1_ no customer care
    2_ no customer care
    3_ no customer care
    4_ no customer care
    5_ no customer care

    Let me add another one to your true list:
    6_ no Willingness to solve my problem. IE.: Dear customer, I understand the issue, but suddenly I can not do more to solve it. I’m just writing a note to the related depts and BE SURE they call you back….back….back…bac…ba…b… …..

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