“Know me” or “Stalk me”?

There is a great hype today about being recognized and cherished as a customer by any company.stalker-main_1405037a

We, in the works, sell it as the next best thing: you contact a company and suddenly you and your history with the company and any private, related information is out there, and the company is very proud of having invested good money in the technology and processes that work together to give you this great customer experience….

…kind of like when you shop around and suddenly google is displaying the very things you were sneaking at, right in your face…

I am not sure this is all good. In fact, I am sure there is a boundary between “knowing me” and “stalking me” and it largely depends on the company, the product, the situation and definitely the individual involved. For me as a consumer, this boundary is very close to the name and maybe the address: any information after that I perceive as invading, not appropriate, not even wanted.

customer experience

Where’s the boundary?

So I am asking you users out there: where is your boundary? What of your personal information would you give away in exchange for a good customer service?


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